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Birkenstock brand is highly famous and adored brand which come from Germany. It has a very long history of shoe making and they are making fan for about two centuries. This is the reason that Birkenstock is one of the oldest yet highly famous brands ever. It has fan around the world and its popularity is rapidly rising. It was initially introduces in 1774 in Germany and since then it have stamped its comfort and style on the hearts of millions of people around the globe. In 1897, Birkenstock introduced its contoured footbed which was a huge success and it is still in use. In 1902 Birkenstock introduced the world with the flexible arch support which can be inserted in the shoes to make them even more comfortable. Then after working hard on these arch supports, 1964 Birkenstock introduced even more comfortable and excellent arch supports which could also be inserted in the shoes to make it more comfortable. Birkenstock makes sandals mainly but these sandals offer way more comfort than any other sandal. Even athletic and hiking shoes will have hard time offering same level of comfort which Birkenstock offer.
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In 1967, Margot Fraser went to Germany and she tried these fabulous sandals on. She was stunned by the comfort level she experienced and she decided to introduce these shoes in US. The company which she founded is the only company still operational which imports and distributes these super comfortable sandals around the US. These shoes are very famous among nurses and doctors. Since they have to stay on their feet for a long time, the contour footbed along with flexible arch support offers tones of comfort to keep them going without the foot or leg stress.

Majority of the Birkenstock styles are very lightweight and they can be used indoor as well as outdoor. They are made from the combination of latex and cork. The specially designed contoured footbed mold itself as per the shape of your foot in few wearing. The body heats molds it and the footbed becomes like if it is custom made. This makes these sandals very comfortable and popular at the same time. These shoes have another best thing which is that they can be repaired and completely renewed as well. This allows you to get your shoes repaired and make them brand

new instead of throwing them away. Some of the most famous and highly recommended styles and arch supports offered by Birkenstock are: Birkenstock Arizona, Birkenstock Gizeh Sandal, Birkenstock Madrid Slip-on, Birkenstock Gizeh, Birkenstock Boston Soft Footbed and Birkenstock Blue Footbed Arch Support –Casual.

Birkenstock Shoes Styles:

Granada Birkibuc Birkenstock Graz London Shoes Madrid Slip on Slide

Birkenstock Mayari Milano Sandals Paris Soft Footbed Sparta Birko Flor

Sydney Birko Flor Birkenstock Vaduz Zurich Wool Zurich Sandal
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